Fatima Vitale & Maximiliano Cristiani (ARG)


  • Fatima Vitale (ARG)

  • Maximiliano Cristiani (ARG)

Poprowadzą warsztaty i dadzą 2 pokazy (w Prażakówce i w Amfiteatrze) / They will conduct workshops and give 2 shows (in Prażakówka and in the Amphitheater)

Więcej / More: fatimavitaletango.com

Fatima Vitale She is a Tango dance performer, also well trained in contemporary dance, classical ballet, jazz, composition and improvisation. She received her education at her home Buenos Aires at the Institutio Universitario Nacional de Artes (IUNA). She has studied tango with well known masters from Buenos Aires including: Gabriel Missé, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, Gabriel Angio, Natalia Games, Alejandra Armenti and Daniel Juarez.Fatima dances both tango de salon and stage tango, and has worked in many of the great tango houses of Buenos Aires. She has also worked and performed with renown dance companies such as: 'Tanguera', 'Deya vu', 'Tango Malambo', 'Bien de Tango', 'Corporation Tango' and 'Nada mas que malambo'.In 2007 she started touring the world, performing and teaching at international Tango festivals in many countries across Asia, Europe and North and South America.2012 was the year of competition. Fatima registered for two categories and won both the 'Tango de Salon' and 'Milonga' category of the Buenos Aires Championship 2012. In the following World Tango Championship 2012 she placed second in the 'Tango de Salon' category. Then in 2013 she was finalist in another categorie Stage Tango of the World Tango Championship.Through the success and experience her expertise led to invitations to jury in other competitions.2013 she was invited to judge the International Championship of Medellin and Chile's Milonga Championship 2013, the UK Tango Championship in London 2015 and the European Championship in Cervia, Italy 2016.Fatima lives, performs and teaches Tango at festivals and dance schools around the world, always with the goal to induce applicable technique to develop a personal and natural style. Fatima is mainly touring as a couple with the highly recognized Argentinian dancer Javier Rodriguez. Since 2015 her second home is Berlin.
Maximiliano Cristiani Maxi has studied with the great masters of tango salón and his biggest influence is the master teacher OSVALDO ZOTTO. He was a part of the first generation of BALLET AZ, where young dancers got together for 4 hours a day to learn from the old masters such as GERARDO Portalea ,CARLITOS AND ROSA , PUPY CASTELLO , PAIVA , GLORIA AND EDUARDO , PAREJITA , CHINO PERICO among other great teachers. In his obsession with learning, he made an intense search with the teacher “Mariano Chicho Frumboli” to rediscover and analyze in depth the origin of the movements. Maximiliano is renowned for its didactic and exciting way of teaching and he conveys the essence of tango that the great masters have left on both tango salón and show tango. Maximiliano has his own studio in Buenos Aires where he teaches seminars and workshops weekly and he has trained hundreds of students, who many of them today are already professional dancers. He has been known for the last 8 years to be competing in various championships and have won the title of: *2013 World Tango Salon Champion 2013 *2012 Champion Buenos Aires Tango Metropolitan *2012 Champion Milonga Metropolitan Buenos Aires *2008 Sub Champion (2nd) World Stage Tango Champion 2008.He has been in the top position of all the Tango competitions for the last 8 years. *Creator, dancer and actor in “Angel”, a tango short film